“Very good grasp of who we are and what we need…”

“Erica is doing a great job for our company. She is a joy to work with and has a very good grasp of who we are and what we need as a company. I look forward to one day meeting you guys either in Indiana or here.”

- Dave S.

“The staff at Top Talent did an outstanding job…”

“The staff at Top Talent did an outstanding job making sure my needs matched the wants of the companies they submitted me to. The job searching process can be nerve racking, but it feels much more comfortable when working with people that have faith in you. If I ever decide to change jobs, Top Talent will be my first call.”

- Michael B.
Broker / Agent

“I connected with Top Talent and am so glad…”

“After job searching on my own and not finding exactly what I was looking for in a position, I connected with Top Talent and am so glad I did. They took the time to learn about me and what I wanted, and as a result placed me in my ideal job! It’s the perfect fit and I couldn’t be happier!”

- Ken F.
Brokerage Manager

“The staff at Top Talent placed me with a superb company…”

“The staff at Top Talent placed me with a superb company in a matter of days! The entire process was seamless from start to finish. The attention to detail and the great communication made the experience smooth for me and my family. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a career change.”

- Jason S.
Sales Manager

“They never cease to impress me with the high caliber of candidates…”

“We’ve been using Top Talent for over two years now. They never cease to impress me with the high caliber of candidates they bring to the table. Working with Top Talent has allowed me to hire talented individuals that I would never have found on my own.”

- Steven M.
General Manager / Vice President

“I contracted with them to quickly and effectively source for a sales rep opening …”

“After Mike and the staff at Top Talent helped me land an excellent position with a great company, I contracted with them to quickly and effectively source for a sales rep opening I needed to fill at that new company.”

- Steve F.
VP of Logistics

“I have used Top Talent since opening…”

I have used Top Talent since opening my freight management company in January 2010. They have been excellent in helping me grow my business from a start-up to over $7M in sales by bringing revenue producing agents and support teams to me. Their agents are not job searching but always willing to improve their business relationships.”

- David W.
CEO / President

“Calling Top Talent was unequivocally the best move I ever made…”

“Calling Top Talent was unequivocally the best move I ever made in my career. The staff at Top Talent walked me through the entire process with confidence and professionalism.”

- John S.
National Sales Executive

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